Melon Placenta

MIRICA Melon Placenta

These remarkable results were made possible by the discovery of melon placenta from Hokkaido, Japan. It simply regenerate new cells and revitalize aging cells.

The addition of Lingonberry extract to provide the most amazing natural whitening substance ever known to mankind – “arbutin”. It simply make natural beauty and fairer skin not a secret anymore!

While mixed berries provide anti-oxidant your body ever needed to defend against free-radical attacks, particularly your cellular membrane, making Melon Placenta irresistible to every woman.




MIRICA Melon Placenta

consists of these 5 main natural ingredients blended in the way your body needs




melon3Melon Placenta is derived from the center part of melon fruit. The placenta is the part of melon seeds which are attached to the net like shape.

The melon placenta is free from hormones. It is a rich source of amino acids which is essential in cell repair & regeneration.




With enzymatic extraction method to process the precious melon placenta to preserve its nutrients and active ingredients.

This special method resulted in 200 times concentration of active ingredient.




Melon Placenta works gently on your body. It does not contain hormone and chemicals or other contaminated animal-borne diseases.

Though it has no hormone, studies found melon placenta do have estrogen-like action. A female key youth indicator


What is Lingonberry?


Lingonberry is a native plant of Labrador and Northern Eurasia. It is nutritionally rich in Vitamin C and other phytonutrients.

Among the notable phytochemicals are arbutin, resveratrol, anthocynidin and procynidin.

Lingonberry extract is derived from wild lingonberry seed using organic solvent to prevent agricultural chemicals.

Why Lingonberry?

While collagen is widely used in the cosmetic products, its skin whitening effects are unproven.

“Arbutin” is a known scientifically proven natural skin whitening without side effect.

Lingoberry is a rich source of Vitamin C & Arbutin.



Mixed Berries


Mixed berries is a special fruit blend of blueberry, cranberry, raspberry & strawberry.

Mixed berries are nutritional & phytochemical rich fruits. It is naturally rich source of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, vitamins & minerals.


Rice Protein

melon5Derived from 100% Non-GMO rice with excellent amino acid profile.

Studies showed rice protein to be easily digestible.

Experiments showed rice protein has the following biological functions:
• Prevent weight gain
• Cholesterol reduction equivalent to Soy protein
• Positive bone mass density (BMD)
• Better bone mineral content (BMC)

Above all, rice protein is considered “hypoallergenic”.



Isolated Soy Protein (ISP)

melon7Derived from 100% Non-GMO soybeans. ISP obtained highest PDCAAS test scores. PDCAAS is the latest testing method adopted by FAO/WHO (1990) to evaluate protein quality.

While it has high digestibility efficiency and easily absorbable by human system, test result also showed it has complete essential amino acid profiles.

Other then serving as important protein source in the orient. ISP also has numerous health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, improving bone density, protecting heart, muscle building and etc.