Business Opportunities

The Dynamics of Network Marketing

The Fact
The world is in constant flux and evolving with each passing day. We need to keep up with changes in order to survive.

According to recent statistics, business consortiums are merging and in the near future this will lead to the 80%-20% phenomena, i.e. 80% of the wealth will belong to 20% of the population (those controlling the consortiums).

3 Ways to Generate wealth

  1. Trade your time for pay (conventional employment).
  2. Invest your money.
  3. Invest in people.

Leveraging your time

  1. Leveraging your time is the key to continuous wealth.
  2. To create more free time and riches you need to leverage time.
  3. 85% of millionaires in America made their fortune this way.
  4. The key to wealth and freedom is “people”.

4 Ways to Leverage your time

  1. Hire employees.
  2. Expand with a chain of stores.
  3. Franchise the business.
  4. Network Marketing.

The Power of Leveraging

In ancient China, there was a powerful province and the people in this province lived in harmony and prosperity. One day, the King celebrated his birthday. His Majesty gathered all the government officials and asked them what they wished to obtain as a present from the King. Some officials requested for fine horses, silk clothes while others requested for swords. When the King asked one of his officials, the official pointed to the chessboard beside the King and answered: “I don’t want anything, but all I want is Your Majesty to confer me some wheat seeds. Then put 1 wheat seed in the 1st column of the chessboard, 2 wheat seeds in the 2nd column, 4 wheat seeds in the 3rd column, 8 wheat seeds in the 4th column and so forth.” The King thought that it was easy and so promised him. However, the King stopped very soon because the chessboard’s columns were unable to fit the exponentially increased wheat seeds. When it came to the 20th column, it was supposed to have 1,048,576 wheat seeds, and in 30th column it should be 268,435,456. If it was 64th column, the number of the wheat seeds was infinite and uncountable. The King felt that this official was the one with wisdom and therefore promoted him to the position of Prime Minister.

This story teaches us that while it may not seem promising at the initial stage of Network Marketing, if we persist to do so, it will generate exponential growth. In a nutshell, this is the power of leveraging in Network Marketing.

Why Network marketing

Network Marketing presents the greatest opportunity to earn income even if we stop working. It is a system of selling which relies on volume of goods sold by all levels of Distributors to generate profits for all.

Fast facts of Network Marketing

Most people today still do not understand the dynamics of Network Marketing. It is the most advanced, exciting and effective business concept currently available. It has similar advantages with the other 3 ways of leveraging time in a business, i.e. hiring employees, expanding with chain stores and franchising the business, but none of the limitations.

Network Marketing has an exponential growth potential and with current computer technology, even calculation of bonuses for every level of network marketers is possible.

It is in-depth marketing.

It is so simple that anyone who learns can become successful within a short period of time.

Despite which career you are in now, our career opportunities will prove to be more attractive. You may fall under the “working class” category and feel depressed due to low pay and long working hours. If you are a conventional business person, you may be bothered by high capital outlay, fluctuating income or even employee problems. As such, why not choose our path to success and happiness? You can earn the income you desire, expand your social circle and enjoy more free time! Your rewards will commensurate with your efforts. So take the challenge and join us!

In 1999, almost 37 million people were involved in Network Marketing business with total global sales hitting USD85 billion; Network Marketing has proven to be a worthy worldwide business for the past 50 years. Economists forecasted that Network Marketing will emerge as the mainstream method in this new millennium. With a 10% growth rate annually, the good news is that its growth has yet to peak (as illustrated in the graph below:)

  1. Current stage of Network Marketing is equivalent to the stage where franchising was 20 years ago. This means, the best has yet to come.
  2. Business trends predict that the exponential growth of the Network Marketing industry will surpass that of franchise sales within the next 10 years.
  3. This is more than a major trend – it is a worldwide marketing phenomenon!
  4. This trend can be described as the “E2 Movement” whereby E2 stands for the Exponential Entrepreneur.
  5. Network Marketing is perfectly positioned to benefit from the other trend of home-based entrepreneurship that is sweeping the world.


If you had a choice, would you not prefer to be your own boss of a business with low capital investment, low risks and flexible working hours that leaves you with lots of free time? In addition you can work from home while your qualifications and experience are not the only determinants of success. Even better, your business is recession-proof.

All you need to do is to follow a few steps, a duplicate system of those who have succeeded and enjoy residual income, build your own business and make lasting friendships. This is a means of realizing your dreams and anyone can achieve it.

MIRICA and Network Marketing

MIRICA markets its products via Network Marketing. This marketing method has an attractive compensation plan and rewards the efforts of our Distributors, helping you build your own individual business yet fostering team spirit and co-operation amongst all. A career with MIRICA will help you realize your dream of a happier, healthier and wealthier life.

A Lucrative Career Plan

  • The career plan practised by MIRICA was designed by professionals to conform to the following features.
  • It provides international leverage with no obstacles to global growth.
  • It is an avenue for quick starters, i.e. business savvy people will reap quick rewards and work their way up the ranks (Refer to Marketing Plan Module).

Highlight of MIRICA Marketing Plan

  1. A straight forward calculation of PVs with no hidden clauses.
  2. MIRICA provides a total payout of 65% PV as bonuses. This is a transparent and fair calculation on total payout to our Distributors.
  3. No time limit for both part timers and full timers.
  4. Suitable for consumers, retailers & networkers alike. No restrictions on how a new Distributor chooses to start the business.
  5. There is a satisfaction guarantee for our products.
  6. It is a heritable system whereby the business network of Distributors holding the status of Pearl Director and above is transferable to next of kin (parents, spouse or children), heirs, assignees or successors-in-title.
  7. A Buy – Back Policy. All unused stocks can be returned upon termination provided in unopened, resaleable & unexpired good condition.
    • The period of satisfaction guarantee differs according to product category.
    • This condition is applicable in the event of a Distributor’s demise or when he/she is medically certified to be insane or totally disabled. (more detalis refer to “Rules & Regulation – Transfer of distributorship” clause).