About Us

MIRICA is brought to you by two gentlemen with a passion of wanting to enrich both men and women’s lives through natural products that can rejuvenate and enhance their beauty from the inside out.

With a combined total of approximately 20 years in the industry of life insurance and direct selling, Christopher Ang and Kent Kho have developed an in depth understanding of the needs of customers and the importance of great natural products that will holistically improve the overall body’s well-being.

Understanding the needs and changing landscape of the direct selling industry, Christopher and Kent have formulated an integrated marketing strategy which encompasses brand new creative ideals of multi-level marketing for the sale of MIRICA products. At MIRICA, the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. The business opportunities of MIRICA promises exponential growth and up to 10-tiers of compensation.

Unlike many other multi-level marketing businesses, MIRICA stands out to be different as we are passionate about creating a team of highly skilled ndividuals. The two founders, Christopher and Kent are very hands-on with their training approach and are willing to share their experiences that they have gained over the course of 2 decades from the industry. Trainings include product briefings, upscaling of sales and negotiation skills, public speaking and many more.