MIRICA was established in the year 2014 with the vision of bringing the best quality beauty care products to enhance and improve the overall wellbeing of women and men. MIRICA focuses on the areas of anti aging and collagen supplements to maintain the youthfulness of life.

Our products are produced and imported exclusively from Japan and the ingredients are made from the best natural resources to ensure our customers obtain the highest form of nutrition. Our products possess nature-based extracts and are 100% free from animal testingand cruelty. At MIRICA, we promise to deliver renewed hope and confidence to our customers worldwide.


MIRICA distributes a wide range and variety of natural anti-ageing and beauty products from

Japan. The flagship and most popular product is the Melon Placenta which was formulated based on the discovery of the miraculous find from Hokkaido, Japan. The natural ingredient of the melon component is found to be able to regenerate new cells and revitalize aging cells at an amazing rapid rate.

The MIRICA Green Tea Rice Germ is also highly sought after by the customers. Over the last few decades, green tea has been discovered to have great healing properties, with evidence suggesting that regular consumption of green tea may have a lower risk of developing heart disease and slows down ageing. The MIRICA Green Tea Rice Germ also consists of rice germ which is packed with nutrients, giving the best combination to enhance immune defense and delaying the aging process. Other MIRICA products are Melon Placenta, Marine Placenta, Green Tea Rice Germ, D-NA Protect and Collagen with Sakura Extract.


These products are produced with the highest standards and are in high demand as they fulfill the everyday needs of customers. In addition, MIRICA will continuously develop and introduce exciting products throughout the year.